Our vision is to be South East Asia number 1 security and automation solution provider. We continue to bring
the most affordable yet good quality products that give peace of mind to our customers.

1. Bringing security and automation within the reach of average Malaysians

We pledge to bring the Security into the homes and commercial of as many Malaysians as possible. We intend to make the process of getting premises protected to be so simple that Malaysians from all walks of life would approach it without any inhibitions and would not lag in keeping up with this evolving technology. Our aim is to provide the most effective, easy to use and cost efficient solution.

2. To become the country’s leading solution provider

MAGNET does not merely aim to specialize in providing quality solution to the nation but also offer a vast range of extra services related to the security. This would include appointing of business partners throughout the country to provide various services such as applications development, service distribution and safety seminar to the community.

3. Expanding to the next level

We are committed to grow new businesses for MAGNET by expanding to the oversea market. By continuing to expand, MAGNET is challenging the very definition of what a security and automation market are…and what they can be.

4. Building up our own name MAG®

We wanted to build up our brand name MAG®. MAG® is well known for its quality, reliability and low cost in Malaysia market and we are committed to maintain this reputation. We want everybody to be able to think of MAG® whenever they think of security and automation.

5. Continue to bring in new products

Technology is evolving everyday. MAGNET is committed to bring the best new products to our customers in Malaysia and bring the whole security and automation market to the new level.