AR837E – Soyal Direct TCPIP with LCD reader

12 numeric keypad with LCD screen and buzzer. Support dual frequency 125Khz and mifare 13.56 Mhz in same reader. Connects directly to TCPIP network.Reader can be partially embedded into wall to achieve slim appearance.


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General feature:

  • DirectPC technology allow direct interface to PC
  • Support standard 125Khz EM and mifare 13.56MHz card
  • Alarm function (tamper / door open too long / force unauthorized entry)
  • Compact smaller design to effectively blend with any decoration


  • Door access control
  • Time attendance function

Special Feature:

  • Text display on the LCD welcome screen can be program to display company name.
  • LCD display employee name when flash card
  • Built in 1 relay output for automation. Relay is activated according to duty time or pre-set weekly schedule. Eg application: Ring a bell for 30 sec at the beginning of every new duty. Or turn on spot light at 7pm every day except Sunday.
  • Support more accurate duty based time attendance function
  • Auto display current duty name according to the pre-set duty start time

Standard Feature:

  • Support door auto-relock
  • Keypad will be locked for 30 sec if continuous error.
  • Built in watch dog to prevent system from halting.
  • Made of high quality ABS material.
  • Assignable user range for multiple master card. Master card is used to as a alternative method to enter editing mode incase user forgot the password
Card users
Memory transaction
Time zone
Holiday per year
Door group
Access mode
Card only, Card or pin and Card and pin
Time attendance
Time duty based
Alarm function
3 alarm trigger input (1 door sensor, 2 arming on/off input). Door sensor for tamper, force entrance, door open too long
Duress function
4 duress code pin number
DirectPC software support
Programming method
Program new user and operation parameters using LCD & keypad or from 701 software
Multi reader networking under 716 controller
External Wiegand port for anti-passback function
Push button input
Lift control
16000 user / 64 floors
User expiry date setting
Start – End date
End date only
Can be individually assigned to all users


Reading range
5 – 15 cm
Door relay output
(EM Lock / Electric lock)
12V / 2A
N.O. / N.C. / COM
Latch type
Door unlock time interval
Pre-set time 0.1 to 600 sec
Alarm relay output
12V / 2A
N.O. / N.C. (set by jumper)
COM common
0-600 sec
Serial port
RS485, 9600, N, 8, 1
Power consumption
10-24 VDC. Less than 5W.
Dimension (mm)
128 (L) x 147 (W) x 65 (H)
572 g

Ordering Info:

Dual Frequency EM 125 Khz and Mifare 12.56Mhz

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