MC620 – MAGTEC Upper Roller Shutter Magnetic Contact

Magnetic contact is used as sensor to detect door opening. Good quality need switch for consistent dry contact output. By default each sensor is N.C.

Features :

  • Using magnetic modulation and no power supply are required. It’s a stable sensor which uneasy to be interfered around.
  • This magnetic shutter sensor is superior on the market as the design are unique and convenient, which can adjust the height of up and down for 73mm and the fixed frame can move vertically in front and behind with 90°degree.

Installation note :

  • Using low capacity resistance loading it could do direct action with connecting.
  • Sensor should keep safe distance from riser plate of the iron curled door, don’t be incurred to collide or falling down result in broken.
  • The shutter surface should confront magnetic sheet.


Detection system
Magnetic modulation
Alarm output
30V AC / DC 0.1A (max)
Detection distance
3.15″ (80mm) max
Ambient temperature
-13°F to +133°F (-25°C to +55°C)
Mounting position
Shutter (indoor)
Dimension (mm)
3.15″(W) x 5.04″(H) x 1.26″(D)
80(W) x 128(H) x 32(D) mm
4.34oz (123gm)

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