TA2 – Standard with LCD Screen

TA2 is standard time attendance clocking recorder with LCD screen. Big LCD screen allows easier and more user friendly menu-based operation of the reader. Stylish curved design made it an enhancement to any decoration. PC synchronized clock displayed on LCD screen avoid any clocking time dispute from employee.


Quick Guide
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How does time attendance reader work

Each employee will be assigned a proximity card (badge). Employee is required register their attendance at the reader when they enter or leave the office premises. A beep sound and LCD display “Successful” upon identity confirmation.
A double beep sound and LCD display “Invalid card” if there is any error.

Only valid time attendance data from all readers will be sent to the PC for time attendance function provided by the software. Access raw data can be exported out as text file for more advanced manipulation from third party time attendance software.

What is the benefit of time attendance reader?

  • Save time and no error – software automated time attendance calculation
  • Save cost – no need to stock up punch cards
  • All clocking time is stored in database – easy for search & review
  • Easy integration with 3rd party time attendance or payroll software
  • Higher accuracy – reader clock are automatically synchronized to PC clock
  • Support collecting clocking data from multiple branches through Internet

Ordering info:

1 pcs
Soyal AR727HV3 keypad reader
1 pcs
NVS1230P power supply w/ backup battery
10 pcs
CDS18 , 1.8mm 125Khz proximity card

Optional accessories to add on:

  • Add AR321CM to link multiple TA packages to PC.
  • Add more readers for multiple entrance and exit
  • Add AR727CM to connect system to Internet TCPIP


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