BR530_90 MAG Folding Arm Barrier Gate

BR530_90 support 90˚ folding arm to accommodate low height ceiling such as basement parking and multi level parking. BR530_90 design is optimized to be highly affordable for commercial, residential and industrial application.


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  • No limit switch. Smart sensor auto-detects open and close position for higher accuracy. Combination of unique lever design and smart motor control allow swift arm movement that reduces bouncing at end position.
  • Heavy duty. AC motor is stronger and maintenance free (no need to change carbon). Compressed counter balance spring avoid possibility of spring over-stressed and break due to high volume continuous open/close cycle.
  • Safe. Arm will auto-reverse when hitting an obstacle during closing. Additional photo beam and traffic light (red & green) can be added to further enhance safety. Built-in MCB to protect against any electric hazard.
  • Durable. Sturdy and strong housing (2.5 mm thickness mild steel). Housing is polished, phosphorized and further finished with plastic coating to ensure long lasting bright colors.
  • Secure. All internal parts inside housing is protected by cam lock to avoid tampering.
  • User friendly. Clutch can be conveniently released without opening casing. Arm can be easily lifted or closed by hand after clutch is released. More intuitive control – 3 separate input for arm up, stop and down.
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Mechanical temperature
-40°C to 75°C
Electrical temperature
-10°C to 75°C
Power supply input
220V ± 10% AC, 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption
80 watt
Relative humidity
Arm speed
3 second
Internal lubrication

Ordering info:

Model no BR530_90
Open / close speed
3 second
Maximum arm length
4 Meter
Arm swing out

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