Optex BX80N is a passive infrared detector which detects the infrared heat energy that is emitted by humans. It offers dual side adjustable detection range up to maximum 12m per side. Final detection range achieved at site shall depends on temperature.

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BX80N is designed with Optex new concept – Boundary Gard. This PIR concept protects a building’s exterior by detecting intruders before an entry is attempted. In addition to signalling an alarm system, BX80N can create an audible local alarm sound to deter intruders before a break-in occurs.

Dual side detection (left & right)
Adjustable sensitivity
Built in buzzer to sound alarm when detected object
Size judging function
Waterproof IP55 suitable for outdoor installation
Patented shielding to greatly reduces false alarm due to car headlights, sunlight and other ambient light sources
Detection range is adjustable to be 2, 5, 8 and 12 meter. Different length is achieved by adjusting lens angle.

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After lens angle adjustment, the final reading range achieved at actual site depends on temperature of enviroment. BX80N detects temperature differences between moving target and background temperature. During hot afternoon sun, human body temperature has very small different to environment temperature. It is more difficult for BX80N to tell the difference of temperature therefore the reading range will become shorter. In late evening, human body temperature have bigger different compared to environment temperature therefore the reading range will become longer.

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