PD – 12/7.5 – Power & Data Line Surge Protector

High performance surge protector for DATA (RS485, RS422, Wiegand) and DC power (12V, 5A). LPS surge protector are made in Malaysia and engineered with state-of-the-art Australia technology. PD12/7.5 is designed and proven to withstand heavy lightning surge in Malaysia thunderstorm weather.


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  • PD series is ideal for RS485, RS 422, RS 423, Ethernet signal of instrumentation interfaces and equipment such as long range RFID reader, servers, card reader that uses high power 12V supply.
  • Protects sensitive data networks against lightning induced surges without impairing the system normal operation or cause excessive in0line resistance
  • PD series employs multistage protection with GDT for primary protection then linked by a second stage series impedance and semiconductor voltage dependant device to provide unsurpassed performance in lightning surge protection

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PD 12.75 dimension