SoyalEtegra Visitor Management Software (SE-VMS) help you to verify, monitor, automate and improve visitor recording process with extensive secure reporting for future audit.


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SE-Visitor Management System is integrated with SE-ACS (access control) software to offer complete building entrance security solution. Visitors check-in using SE-VMS will be assigned proximity card to access the entrance gate at building lobby. SE-ACS control and monitor this proximity card. By effectively filtering out all “BAD PEOPLE” and only allowing “GOOD PEOPLE” to go in, you already eliminated 90% of the potential security threat in the building. Visitor drops their cards into Dropbox for automated check-out in SE-VMS. SE-VMS offer minimum keyboard typing to allow the fastest speed to check-in visitors. Operator or security guard only required very minimum IT knowledge in order to operate SE-VMS. Please click the video below for the live demonstration of SE-VMS integration for building visitor and entrance gate access control solution.

SE-VMS enterprise version allows multiple visitor reception counters. Each counter shall have its own MyKad reader to check-IN and check-OUT visitors at the same time. This allows SE-VMS to cater for high traffic visitor flow in high-density building. All visitor counters are connected to the central database.



  • Extra visitor info from Mykad or scan printed info on driving license to ensure all information is captured accurately up to digital precision
  • Minimum typing to ensure fast speed visitor check-in and check out. personal with very less IT knowledge will be able to use the system with minimum training
  • Maintain black list to quickly identify visitor drop that have bad history record
  • Support fast auto check-out when visitor drop their card into SOYAL reader inside dropbox
  • Allow employee to pre-register visitor ahead of time to further expedite check-in
  • When used together with SoyalEtegra SE-ACS, you can assign door access and lift access permission to visitor. You can also capture pictures of visitor when they check-in and check-out as visual evidence for future audit purpose
  • During emergency, SE-VMS will show number of visitors that are still in the building. Integration with SE-ACS will also show visitor last known door. This helps facilitate efficient evacuation


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