VG2A is fingerprint time attendance system. Vigilance VG2 is optimized to be affordable biometric attendance clock system. Vigilance fingerprint reader support 3000 template and 100,000 event memory.

Vigilance fingerprint system offer a fully integrated hardware and software time attendance solution suitable for multi shift small offices and factory.


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How does Vigilance fingerprint time attendance work?

Vigilance VG2A fingerprint time attendance reader is to replace traditional punch card terminal. All clocking is validated with fingerprint scanning to ensure 100% authenticity. Employee cannot punch card on behalf of co-worker to compromise the attendance calculation.

All clocking event data will be sent to the Vigilance VAMS software. Access raw data can be exported out as text file for more advanced manipulation from third party time attendance software. User able to monitor employee time attendance more accurately (no more buddy punching problem).

What is the benefit of Vigilance fingerprint time attendance system?

  • No more buddy punching as fingerprint can uniquely identify each person
  • Save time and no error – Vigilance VAMS software automated time attendance calculation
  • Save cost – no need to stock up punch cards
  • All clocking time is stored in database – easy for search & review
  • Easy integration with 3rd party time attendance software
  • Flexible multi shift
  • Attendance report can review work time, overtime, late, early and long lunch and help improve employee punctuality
  • Connects direct to PC via TCPIP network

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Optional accessories to add on:

  • Additional NVS1230P set power supply might need to be add if more than 4 readers are used or the wiring distance is too far away.