SWB100 – MAG Tubular Swing Barrier

SWB100 is an automatic motorized stainless steel tubular swing barrier. SWB100 has smallest installation footprint while offering widest opening clearance to allow big boxes, trolley, wheelchair, baby stroller or user with big luggage to pass through with comfort. Swing barrier compact size help to save space and can fit into narrow places.


MAG Pedesterian Gate
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SWB100 is typically used together with flap barrier or turnstile as manual lane for handicapped user or user with big luggage.

Here are some of the videos of SWB100 in real life application. Please click on the links to view them

turbular stainless steel swing barrier


    • Support bi-directional opening

    • Can integrate with access control system.

1. Trigger to open by dry contact. Automatic close back after auto timer elapsed. Delay time can be programmed on swing barrier control panel.
2. Trigger to open by dry contact (NC) and close by dry contact (NO). This allowed access control reader to control swing barrier opening and closing time.

  • During power failure, swing barrier will automatically open up to allow free access. When power resume, swing barrier will automatically close back to resume security level.

  • Built in clutch that will automatically disengage motor drive from gearbox when the gate is obstructed. Clutch release reduce impact force to minimum in the event that gate closed onto passing users. This also protect the motor and control panel from being damaged due to overload.

  • Optional safety IR beam can be added to auto reverse the gate upon detecting obstacle in the passage way. This way the gate is reversed before even hitting user that is still in the passage way. More safety to the user.

  • Gate length can be easily customized to fit site requirement.

  • Auto synchronized opening when 2 swing barriers are installed for the same passage. Both side will open and close at the same time.

  • Gate motor mechanism is self lock at open and close position.

Site Implementation:


Cabinet dimension
168mm (Diameter) x 1050mm (H)
30 kg
Default gate length (transparent acrylic)
600 mm
Cabinet material
# 304 stainless steel, 2.0 mm
Power supply
AC220 ±10%V/50 ±10%HZ
Motor voltage
DC 24V (brush motor)
Access device input voltage
dry contact
Max flow rate
20 to 25 people per minute
Gate swing angle
180 deg
Gate opening speed
2.2 sec
Reset time when power on
0.3 second
Working environment
Indoor only
Working temperature
-25℃ – 50℃
Relative humidity
≤ 90%



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