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magnet 2SoyalEtegra SE ACS help to secure your building

SoyalEtegra helps to secure your building

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Nowadays we often hear about terrorist attacks in the news. Terrorists walk freely into a building looking like a normal civilian. Access control systems have become a crucial component to identify people entering into the building. Only with the correct access permission are visitors allowed to enter the building. In general, all users can be divided into 2 types, namely tenant and visitor. Tenants are building users that repeatedly enter / exit the building on a regular basis. Visitor on the other hand are non-regular building users that come to visit a specific tenant in the building. By managing this 2 group of people correctly, you can effectively filter out all the would-be perpetrators from entering the building. This can significantly reduce security threats inside the building.

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SoyalEtegra is a security software suite that offers Access Control System (ACS) and Visitor Management System (VMS). Both of these softwares can support picture capture capability. Buildings with an ACS can set access permission for all tenants for e.g. who can go through which door, at what time and using what method (card / pin / fingerprint)? The building can utilize a VMS to monitor incoming visitors and reject all black listed visitors.

All tenants must be registered into the ACS in order to obtain an authorized access card. SoyalEtegra offers SORS encryption, which prevents cards and readers from being cloned. Both the card and reader are encrypted with a unique key A and key B. The card and reader must match each other in order to be granted access permission. The ACS also comes with time attendance, lift access, alarm monitoring and E-map as a complete security monitoring system. The building operator need only to ensure that all tenants are registered into the ACS and they will be classified as a “good” person.

magnet 2SoyalEtegra SE ACS help to secure your building

To obtain access permission into the building, each visitor needs to specify which tenant (as registered with the ACS) that they wish to visit and will then be checked-in into the VMS. Each tenant should then verify the identity of their visitor before inviting them to the building, thus the accountability can be assured.

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To double up on security, ACS and VMS will automatically capture pictures when a user flashes their card to gain access. These pictures will be associated to the events and user profile registered in the software. In the ACS, a security guard can then view user profile pictures, names, departments, current picture capture, before picture capture, event dates, event time; all in a single screen as each person flashes their card on the reader. All ACS and VMS pictures captured will be stored in a database, and these pictures can later be used as visual evidence in the event of a crime.

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A guard may not be able to distinguish if a person who flashes the card during entry,is the same person that flashes a card to exit by just looking at the video live view from a DVR; or continuous running access event log. With ACS,the picture capture feature provides more useful information in a single screen that can help the guard to understanda threat situation more effectively.

SoyalEtegra supports the full series of Soyal access control readers and controllers and is optimized to be more affordable. SoyalEtegra ACS and VMS work hand-in-hand as a complete building security solution, especially for buildings such as condominiums, gated and guarded residential, guard houses, office towers and factories.

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What are the benefits of biometric time and attendance system?

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An organisation can only operate with a team of employees. In order to make sure the employees are working for the success of the company, biometric time and attendance systems can be used. Time and attendance system are most suited for offices with a large number of employees to keep them in check.

  1. Eliminate buddy-punching

    Buddy-punching is when an employee asks another employee to punch in if they are late or absent, so that it adds hours even when they are not working. This happens a lot with traditional punch card attendance systems. With the biometric time and attendance system, employees won’t be able to do buddy-punching because the system only recognises each person’s unique fingerprint. Employee cannot cheat their working time anymore.

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  2. Quick and accurate

    One of the benefits of Soyal time and attendance system is its ability to identify an employee’s fingerprint efficiently. The Soyal AR837EF model is able to check 1000 fingerprint templates in 0.7 seconds, which makes recording attendance quick and easy. If you arrive right on time, it only takes a few seconds to clock in, ensuring that you won’t be late. Furthermore, the system accurately identifies unique fingerprints that belong to each different individual.

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  3. Increase productivity

    When employees work fixed hours, productivity will increase too as there is less time wasted. One person in a team who cheats working hours can cause the whole team to slow down, followed by the whole department, then the company. With Soyal’s biometric time and attendance report track employee’s late in, early out and long break to help improve employee productivity. An increased productivity will bring higher profitability to company in the long run.

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  4. Security

    When integrated with security systems such as door locks and CCTV, this type of time and attendance system benefits the organisation in many ways. Doors to the office or rooms will only open when registered users scan their fingerprints on the device. Therefore, it prevents outsiders from entering the premise without permission, further eliminating theft, burglary or other form of harm towards employees. CCTV camera can take picture snapshot of every entry and exit as visual evidence.

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  5. Develop responsible employees

    If an employee’s attendance is affecting their work performance, it can be clearly seen on their attendance report generated by the biometric time and attendance system. Absence, lateness and overtime breaks of every individual in the company can be clearly checked by the HR Department. A decrease in performance may cause them to get a warning from superiors and also a reduction in salary. When they realise that their attendance is causing problems to their job, employees tend to be more responsible in managing their time. Ultimately a good biometric time attendance system can help each employee to accomplish more task during everyday working hours.

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