Malaysia Paradox alarm system is the best wifi home alarm security system that allows adding plug-and-play modules anywhere and in any combination on the 4-wire combus to enhance function capability. Paradox security alarm panel can be upgraded to have voice alarm, email and SMS notification by adding the necessary communication modules.

Communicator Module comparison

Send out email or push notification via internet. You can also control and monitor the alarm from any web browser or smart phone apps.

Allow your smart phone to receive alert push notification and control Paradox alarm via IP150.

Call out to your phone with voice notification on triggered zone. You can arm/disarm by following the voice instruction.

Call out to your phone via GSM network (requires a SIM card). Economical solution for places without analog phone line service.

Send out SMS when alarm trigger. You can arm or disarm by SMS. Can send alarm data to CMS center via GPRS network for places without phone line.

Connect wireless sensor, PGM and zone expander to Paradox alarm panel. Expand more functions via wireless connectivity.

Connect to dot matrix printer for on site printing of every alarm event. Hardcopy record for audit proof purposes.