Reinventing MAG into a building security solutions powerhouse in Malaysia and beyond.

MAG Jimmy Low Top Entrepreneur CEO in Malaysia

Jimmy Low

Jimmy Low is the driving force behind MAG who successfully transformed a conventional security product business into a tech-based building security solutions company.

Today, MAG is a building security solutions specialist and a household name in the security solutions industry. MAG is possibly the only company in Malaysia that has developed both proprietary software and hardware products with industrial patents for its design.

Jimmy Low has held the leadership position at MAG for close to 20 years, since his return from Silicon Valley. He succeeded his father, who founded the company 40 years ago. Building on the success of MAG AutoGate, Jimmy Low pioneered various innovative solutions under the MAG household name and expanded its product and service offerings to include barrier gates, pedestrian gates, access control, CCTV, and more.

The Tech Brainchild behind MAG

In the early days, Jimmy Low spearheaded the technology department which invented several key proprietary technology solutions including BlueSpeed, Xclone, Automatic Adaptive Detection Reading. (AADR), Automatic Depth Measuring (ADM), IRSense, ColorSense, DLAR and more.

MAG Jimmy Low Top Technology Entrepreneur Successful CEO in Malaysia

These technology  solutions are currently used in its wide range of product lines.

Jimmy Low is also the brainchild behind its own software, MagEtegra, an access control management software that binds building management together, essentially increasing safety and security from entry to exit points in residential, industrial and commercial buildings.

MAG Jimmy Low Successful Technopreneur technology CEO

MAG recently introduced Medialess solutions to several key residential and industrial building projects in Malaysia and is now looking to bring this solution to other countries in the region.

Adaptive Leader and a Progressive Entrepreneur

Jimmy Low steered the company out of the recent Covid-19 global pandemic without any staff casualties and handsomely remunerated his people.

MAG Jimmy Low Successful CEO award winning

As a progressive leader, Jimmy Low put great priority on the growth of all employees and partners which will in turn help bring our customer to the next level.

MAG Jimmy Low MAG Jimmy Low Successful Entrepreneur high achievement Malaysia

He is now looking to expand MAG’s position in the global market where it currently has presence in 13 countries. MAG has also been on a record breaking streak and recently received the Malaysia’s Book of Records for Most Barrier Gates Sold in a year.

MAG Jimmy Low Successful award winning CEO Entrepreneur in Malaysia and South East Asia SEA

Under Jimmy Low’s leadership, rest assured that MAG is constantly innovating solutions to address customer problems in the building security industry and delivering PEACE OF MIND to customers.

MAG Jimmy Low Successful team leadership Malaysia and South East Asia SEA

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