This interface manages multiple interface Card Readers for global multi door access controller system anti-pass back. Interface support advance building automation function – Eg: Can turn on light according to pre-set schedule or pin code. It also upgrade the security level to avoid intruder gaining access by damaging the reader.

AR716-E02 – Soyal 2 Reader Interface

-2 Weigand readers
-Maximum users : 3000
-Expiry date setting : N/A
-Memory transaction : 1456

AR727i – Soyal TCPIP Networking Module

-TCPIP module for AR716E.
-Convert RS485 to TCPIP
-Can assign an IP for access by PC via TCPIP network

AR716EiO – Soyal I/O Module

Add on module to expand 8 more digital input port on AR716E for alarm monitoring function in software.

AR401RO16 – Soyal 16 Channel Digital Output Module

16 relay interface for lift access system. Each interface can be looped to support multiple of 16 floors.

AR716-E16 – Soyal 14 + 2 Reader Interface

-Maximum readers : 14 + 2
-Maximum users : 16000
-Expiry date setting : Yes
-Memory transaction : 32000