MAGNET provide video tutorial on all our products based on commonly asked questions and common mistakes during installation. We understand that sometimes you are working late after office hours at site and our technician is not available in office to answer call. These video tutorial is always available online all the time so that you can access to it at anytime and anywhere.

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MagEtegra ME-ACS

MagEtegra ME-ACS is an advance client / server access security software that is designed exclusively for Soyal’s card and fingerprint access system.

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MAG IP CCTV is a network-based IP camera CCTV system that offers high megapixel resolution video recording into Network Video Recorder (NVR) for storage using hardisk.

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MAG AHD CCTV is optimized to offer reliable performance, optimum video quality, good spare part support and easy installation at an affordable price.

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MagEtegra ME-VMS

MagEtegra Visitor Management Software (ME-VMS) helps you to verify, monitor, automate and improve visitor recording process with extensive secure reporting for future audit. 2 3

Vigilance fingerprint system software

Vigilance VAMS is fingerprint time attendance and device management software. Vigilance VAMS software retrieve reports from fingerprint reader and generate time attendance report based on shift settings.

Barrier Gate

Barrier Gate and Long Range Reader

MAG barrier gate system in Malaysia design is optimized to offer a reliable yet affordable solution for residential condominium, apartment, commercial building and industrial factory usage.

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Paradox Alarm

Paradox SP series alarm system with Insite Gold mobile apps help you secure your home and business with latest patented technology from Canada.

MAG Pedestrian Gate

Pedestrian Gate

MAG design is optimized to remove all unnecessary function to give you more affordable entrance gates. All MAG gates are well supported by localized spare parts availability so that you can use our product with peace of mind.