Enterprise Alarm

Malaysia Paradox Digiplex EVO security alarm systems provide the highest level of protection for factory, banks, government sites, luxurious residential homes and any place where maximum security is essential. Digiplex burglar alarm system can be connected to NEWARE alarm security management software for setting, monitoring and reporting. Paradox Digiplex alarm system has advance features ensures that your investment is well protected from risk of security threat.

EVO192 Panel Set – 8 Zone Alarm Control Panel Set

8 on-board zone inputs (16 with zone doubling) expandable to 192 zones via 4-wire com bus; 8 independent partition control.; 5 on-board; solid-state PGM outputs.; Support up to 254 expansion bus module.

TM50 – Touch Screen Interface Module

-Maximum zones : 192
-Touch screen operation
-Wired keypad
-Supports up to 32 floor plans

EVO641 – Keypad with 32 Zone Blue LCD Display

32-character LCD with programmable labels. Assign to one or more partitions. 14 one touch action buttons.

ZX8 – 8 Zone Expansion Module

The 8-zone Expansion Module (ZX8) is an interface between the control panels and any hardwired detection devices.

APR3-PGM4 – 4 Control Relay Module

PGM expansion module Add more Programmable output into standard panel. Rated 5A for activation/ deactivation for any device.

MG-RPT1 – Wireless Repeater

Supporting peripheral to DIGIPLEX system.Extend up to 75 meter wireless coverage.You can have two RPT1 per system.

MG-REM2 – Bi-directional Remote Control with Sound

The MG-REM2 is a water-resistant 5-button remote control that provides the user with the status of their system by pressing the [ i ] button.

MG-REM15 – Remote Control

Use the remote control to arm/disarm or turn on lights (using PGM). 4 button remote. Water resistant, stylish clear blue plastic backlight for buttons.

307 USB – Direct Connect Interface

The Paradox 307 USB connect the alarm panel to PC for security software or upgrading firmware at site.

Neware NEW-SEC – End User Management Software (Security Edition)

More advanced software to program and monitor DIGIPLEX system. Allows user to draw floor plan and download into Grafica keypad.