Please call our support hotline +603 9286 9120 or +603 9286 9121. MAGNET provides technical support for all our product lines. Dealer can save all the hassle of calling multiple suppliers trying to put together partial pieces of information to resolve problems at the site. When dealers purchase all equipment in the same project with MAGNET, the dealer is able to get full technical support from us from a single contact point.

MAGNET has a full technical schematic, firmware, software source code, and production records to quickly identify the root cause from symptoms described by the dealer. Most spare parts and replacement components are available for fast repairing service in the event equipment damaged. This is important to help dealers respond and resolve problems at the site in the shortest time possible. End-user that is buying from our dealer can have peace of mind while using our products.

Call us at +603 9286 9120, +603 9286 9121 or send your enquiry to us now for more info.