MAG vehicle loop detector for barrier gate is used to detect the presence of car via inductance loop coil wire. Loop detector is installed inside the barrier gate to verify if vehicle have finished passing through parking access control or parking ticketing lane. After car has completely passed through the boom gate, loop detector will give signal to barrier gate to start closing boom arm.

As labor cost increasing, traffic detector is becoming a more attractive solution despite its slightly higher cost. It’s innovative technology has solved many limitation of loop detector.

BRD02 – MAG Traffic Detector


-No need install loop coil wire underneath floor
-Faster installation to lower labour cost
-Wireless wave to detect from sideway
-Detect metal and human
-Works well on any surface like interlocking brick
-Detect any height vehicle including container truck

BRD01 – MAG Standard Vehicle Loop Detector


-Require to install loop coil wire underneath floor
-More affordable
-Inductance antenna to detect from bottom
-Detect metal only
-Works well on rigid surface like tar and cement
-Detect standard height vehicle like sedan