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1. Residential Access

The most important aspect to be maintained in any housing area or apartment is definitely the safety and security of its residents and tenants. In Malaysia, a reliable card access system will be able to make sure that only authorised individuals and residential tenants will have access to the building itself. This prevents intruders and therefore guarantees security and safety of the premises. Among the many different ways to use a card access system, this is definitely one of the most common one.


2. Office Buildings

Entrances to office buildings can be regulated with the use of a card access system. The system ensures that only authorised personnel and registered visitors will be able to gain access to the building. This ensures security of company personnel and properties in addition to reducing unwanted trespassers. In addition, a card access system allows employers to track movement of individuals such as period and frequency of access towards certain resources or facilities. This will make sure that resources in the company are safe from tamper and misuse.


3. Parking Lots

Another common way we use a card access system is in parking lots and spaces. As urban development brings considerable increase in the number of motor vehicles, it is important for parking lots and spaces to be properly regulated to ensure convenience and feasibility. With the use of a card access system, the number of cars entering and exiting the premises can be tracked and monitored. Premises with large movement of vehicles such as shopping malls and hotels benefit most from this.


4. Payment Card Integration

As this access system uses a card as credential identification, it can also be integrated as a payment card for a cash free transaction. As modern cards are often equipped with microchip technology, the cards can be used as a transactional medium. By eliminating the need to use cash, this type of payment is more secure as each transaction can be traced. This is also useful for employees or visitors to have meals at the cafeteria where they only require their card credentials.

Tap and go fee trap

5. Climate Control

A useful but often overlooked way to use a card access system in Malaysia is climate control. Many modern systems allow the integration of the access system with climate control to ensure maximum efficiency. The system can detect when all personnel have left the building and shuts down ventilation and air conditioning systems to avoid additional electrical wastage. With personnel identification, the climate system can also activate in occupied areas only to maximize electric efficiency.

barrier gate internal quality


By Knowledge Sharing

how to diffrentiate mag barrier gate

There are many barrier gate in the market that claim they are the same as MAG. They might look the same but they are NOT really the same thing. Many customers have requested us to publish correct methods to ensure the barrier gate they paid is truly authentic MAG barrier gate. This is to avoid customer paid for a MAG barrier gate but received other product.

Following are 7 ways to check if your MAG barrier gate is original?

1.  Check for MAG brand logo on the barrier gate

7 reason

2. Check for internal motor.
Open up the barrier gate to see if the internal motor is blue color. Only our authentic BlueSpeed motor uses latest low RPM technology to reduce maintenance.


3. Check for dual spring.
Our dual spring design is 2 times smoother arm movement and 2 time more durable.


4. Check the safety sensor at bottom of the motor.
This safety sensor and our advanced control panel ensure arm will auto reverse upon hitting obstacle.


5. Check the position sensor.
Our latest positioning system no longer use the OLD plastic IR sensor.

barrier gate sensor

6. Check the board.
MAG original board will have MAG logo printed on the board since 2018. Insist on original board to ensure guaranteed performance.

7w.6 Update

7. Check the internal mechanism quality.
All our internal components is polished with high quality coating to ensure durability for years to come.

barrier gate internal quality

All these look-a-like barrier gate in the market does not come from us. MAG does NOT provide warranty or guarantee that these barrier gate are the same good quality and reliability as MAG products. Please insist to purchase original MAG barrier gate to ensure you get the benefit from our latest automation technology.

There are many low cost or no brand barrier gate in the market requires spare part to be ordered on demand from overseas that will sometime take 2 to 3 months. Availability of spare part and local service support is a very important factor to consider when choosing your barrier gate. MAG offer full spare part and repairing service locally to ensure your barrier gate is up and running in shortest time possible

barrier gate spare part

Ultimately, MAG new BR600T design effectively enhanced the barrier gate performance to work LONGER, HARDER and LOWER maintenance cost at affordable price with good spare parts support.

MAG is your wise choice for vehicle barrier gate.