CDUE133L – UHF (Anti clone) and EM 125Khz card

CDUE133L is a dual-frequency card. UHF (Anti clone) and EM (125Khz) same card number. 0.84mm thickness. Printed wiegand number on card. Program card to the system is more easy with a printed number. It can be used for AR300U Xclone UHF mid-range reader or other UHF readers.


Other brand’s dual-frequency card readers might require you to enroll 2 different numbers for UHF and EM. This is because each chipset carries a different number. Imagine you need to enter 2 times when enrolling these cards into the access control system. For 3000 thousand cards, this is a lot of “DOUBLE” work. Access control event report will also show 2 card numbers for the same user. This is very confusing and makes it harder to track the activity of users.

CDUE133L UHF (Anti clone) and EM are using the same number as printed on the card. Meaning that you only need to enroll 1 number in the access control system and it will work for both UHF and Mifare readers. This saves you a lot of time. Only 1 card number for each user will appear in the access event report. This makes it easier to review the access control event report.

malaysia dual frequency UHF and EM card



Dual Frequency
UHF 919-923MHz and EM 125Khz
Printed number
UHF Wiegand 26/34, EM Wiegand 26/34
85 x 55 x 0.84mm
Printing on card
Operation temperature
-20 ~ +70°C
Storage temperature
-40 ~ +85°C
Reading Distance
UHF: 200-600 cm; EM 125khz: 10-18 cm


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