A best high security electronic door locking system is a locking device which operates by means of electric current. Electric lock uses solenoids to actuate the lock by either supplying or removing powers. The electronic door locking system can be either Fail-safe or Fail-secure. The electric lock can be intergrated with access control system.


EL250 – MAG electric fail safe drop bolt lock

-Dropbolt is installed embedded inside the door frame to maintain original cosmetic design of the door
-It also allow 2 ways swing of the door

EL250BR-A – MAG dropbolt bracket with gusset plate

– This bracket can be used to house either EL250 dropbolt or it’s gusset plate when installed on frameless glass door.

EL250BR-B – MAG dropbolt surface mount bracket set

– This is a surface mount bracket to mount both EL250 drop bolt (long bracket) and it’s gusset plate (short bracket).