You can enjoy a seamless access experience from building lobby entrance to lift and office doorstep while still maintaining high security with MAG Building Security solution. Easily balance the security and convenience level desired with card, fingerprint or face recognition. Every element can work independently to fulfill your specific needs or integrate together as a total solution to maximize convenience.

integrated software

1. Integrated Access Security Software

MagEtegra ME-ACS makes advanced security simpler by integrating access security, CCTV surveillance and attendance into single user-friendly software for a small office, building and factory.

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2. Door Access

Soyal door access system effectively controls who can enter where at what time. It is simple enough for small offices but powerful enough for the entire building.

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3. Lift Access

Soyal lift access effectively control who can go to which floor at what time using which lift. Flexible permission allows different floors for different lifts.

FLB140 with FR300

4. Touchless Access

MAG face recognition allows you to enjoy the convenience of hands-free with higher biometric security access at the lobby’s flap barrier. Just walk through without stopping.

Time Attendance 1

5. Time Attendance

Soyal fingerprint reader offer weekly, yearly, free and flexible time attendance shifts catering to different types of job roles within the same company.

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6. CCTV IP Camera

MAG IP CCTV is easier to add more cameras with lower wiring cost using an IP network. Search evidence faster with AI face detection and picture capture integration at every entry and exit.

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7. Enterprise Burglar Alarm

Paradox EVO alarm offers flexible 8 to 192 zones to effectively cover different layouts of medium office or big size factory. LCD keypad pinpoint alarm on the map helps your guards to react faster.

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8. Pedestrian Access

MAG pedestrian gate stylish slim design gives a welcoming impression while still effectively filter out bad people as the first step of defense in your building security.