You can feel assured confidence that all the “bad people” can be filtered out to ensure everyone’s safety with our building security and automation total solution. With our integrated access security software, every access point starts from the lobby entrance with a pedestrian gate, lift access to door access inside the building can be easily monitored and managed by a building or security manager. The seamless and secure access experience for your tenants and visitors will leave a good impression on your building. Furthermore, you can also monitor your property during non-office hours with integrated CCTV surveillance. Our software does not limit to only one building, but it allows you greater control and monitor over multi branches under a single platform be it for access control or even staff time attendance.

Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, the spreading of the virus through the touching surface has embraced a new normal of touchless access. With MAG, you can enjoy a seamless and touchless access experience all the way from building lobby entrance to lift access and door access with our latest face recognition reader.

integrated software

1. Integrated Access Security Software

MagEtegra software is developed with simplified yet powerful features to achieve centralized security, CCTV surveillance, and attendance management for office building and factory.

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2. Door Access

Soyal door access system is optimized to provide practical security function at affordable prices. It can be integrated with MagEtegra software to better manage and control door access permission within the same location and different locations.

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3. Lift Access

Soyal lift access control system can be integrated with MagEtegra software to assure you the ultimate control on the lift floor access permission for your tenants and visitors.

FLB140 with FR300

4. Touchless Access

Enjoy the convenience of handsfree access at your building lobby with a face recognition reader mounted on a flap barrier.

Time Attendance 1

5. Time Attendance

Soyal fingerprint reader built with high-graded security fingerprint authentication for faster and more accurate time attendance for your staff.

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6. CCTV IP Camera

MAG IP CCTV can record high-quality videos, the advanced AI technology allows you to monitor and secure your building with peace of mind. You can store more video with our Ultra-265 technology NVR.

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7. Enterprise Burglar Alarm

Paradox EVO security system can protect up to 192 points of detection for maximum security in your factory or office building. Protect your premises from intruders with peace of mind.

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8. Pedestrian Access

MAG pedestrian gate was designed to be your first step of defense in building security and also the first impression to attract your tenants and visitors.