The following are specialized function detector.

MSQ5 Ebelco Vibration sensor is advanced, high frequency vibration sensor which can detect burglar making a forced entry. It is an invaluable mechanism for incorporation into burglar alarm system. Download Brochure Features quick installation adjustable sensitivity compact miniature size highest degree of weather resistance compatible with most security system suitable for all types of building structure powerful sensitivity in detecting forces of attempted entry internal pulse plated in 24 CT gold with ISO 9002 certification Related product PARADOX smoke sensor PARADOX glass track

Detect the sound of glass breaking. Advanced full audio and infrasonic spectrum, impact and shock wave analysis. High-immunity to RFI and EMI signals. Anti-tamper switch Adjustable sensitivity: covers up to 9m (30ft) when set to high and up to 4.5m (15ft) when set to low Related product PARADOX vibration sensor PARADOX smoke sensor