EVO192 Panel Set – 8 Zone Alarm Control Panel Set

The EVO security system can protect up to 192 points of detection for maximum security in your home or business.Your security professional can help you decide how much of that security is necessary for your individual space and requirements.


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EVO192 panel set - 8 zone alarm control panel set

Control panel General feature:

  • Automated security – system armed automatically everyday at pre-set time
  • Built it access control features
  • Lights can be turn on randomly to make it seemed like someone at home
  • User friendly – 8 one touch key to perform your daily action
  • Protect separate area independently under one system
  • NEware software allow complete system monitoring from PC

Standard feature:

  • 8 on-board zone inputs (16 with zone doubling) expandable to 192 zones via 4-wire com bus
  • 8 independent partition control.
  • 5 on-board solid-state PGM outputs.
  • Support up to 254 expansion bus module.

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