You can create a welcoming experience at the entrance while still maintaining high security with MAG Guard House Security solution. Our Xclone long-range reader increase security by preventing access cards to be cloned.  Our barrier gate, tenant access control, visitor management and CCTV are integrated seamlessly to ensure no more stressful long queue of car or people at the guardhouse.

parking access AR300U Barrier

1. Parking Access – Long Range

MAG long range access with barrier gate provides you extra protection from unauthorized entry due to card cloning while maintaining smoother car access into your premise.

barrier gate 1

2. Parking Access – Mid Range

MAG mid range access with barrier gate offers an affordable solution that allows you comfortably flash your access card from inside the car without winding down the window.

TTS721 180x169 1

3. Full Height Turnstile

MAG full-height turnstile is built with high graded stainless steel to achieve maximum security control. Users are not able to crawl underneath or climb over to gain unauthorized access to your premise.

boom gate system for residential SLDEA1500 180x169 1

4. Industrial Autogate

DEA industrial autogate is built with innovative motor drive technology from Italy to cater for heavy-duty and long-lasting usage. You can enjoy the convenience of gate automation without the hassle.

se vms cover 180x169 1

5. Visitor Management System

MagEtegra Visitor Management Software (ME-VMS) help you to verify, monitor, automate and improve visitor recording process with extensive secure reporting for future audit.

How will these 3 common problems at the security guardhouse affect you?

The guardhouse is the first entry point to filter out “bad people” and effectively reduce threats in your building. Our Guardhouse Security Solution product line can work hand-in-hand with your security guard to increase the safety level.

Start enjoying the convenience of passing through without stopping while still maintaining maximum security today. Click here to contact us now for more information.