You can feel the satisfaction of being able to provide warm, safe and secure home for your family with our house security and automation total solution.

Home Autogate

1. Home Autogate

MAG home autogate has been in the industry since 1980 with proven of many satisfied customers. We offer full spare parts locally to ensure your autogate up and running in the shortest time.

CM35000 1

2. CCTV Camera

MAG CCTV camera is designed to achieve a super sharp night view and allows detailed playback zooming so that you can catch the thief with the video footage. You can only catch what you can see.

Alarm 2

3. Burglar Alarm

Paradox alarm system can effectively prevent robbers from entering your house. The alarm can be triggered to scare off the robber and notify you at the first moment the robber “touches” the house.

Motion Detector

4. Motion Detector

Our motion detectors can effectively trigger an alarm immediately on the burglar’s first attempt to touch the windows or door. You can feel peace with our intelligent detection technology that reduces false alarms by detecting human intruders only.