You can feel the satisfaction of providing a safe and secure home for your family with the MAG House Security solution. Our 3-tier security protection starts from entering your house conveniently by autogate without getting out of your car. The alarm system and motion detector can scare off burglars while they are still outside of the house. Our CCTV system allows you to record clearer video at night for live view or playback via your mobile apps.

Home Autogate

1. Home Autogate

MAG home autogate avoids you coming out of the car to open the gate and get wet during rain. Full spare parts available locally for faster service or repair.

CM35000 1

2. CCTV Camera

MAG CCTV camera offers a super sharp high-resolution night view that allows bigger zoom-in without distortion to see more details during playback. You can only catch what you can see.

Alarm 2

3. Burglar Alarm

Paradox alarm system monitor break-in attempt and alert you via phone call or push notification on mobile apps. You can arm or disarm conveniently from your mobile phone.

Motion Detector

4. Motion Detector

Motion detectors can trigger the alarm to scare off the robber at the first moment they “touches” the house while keeping you safe inside. A false alarm is reduced by detecting human intruders only.