MX-40/50 – Dual Tech PIR

OPTEX dual tech PIR combines Passive Infrared & Microwave to minimize false alarm detection.


Installation Manual

How to use :


Features :

Microwave technology :

Anti-Crosstalk System (Patent Pending)
Because Optex’s unique microwave technology allows the design of antenna settings differently from conventional methods, the Anti-Crosstalk System of the MX-40/50 prevents interference from other microwaves.
When several detectors are placed in combination in one location, false alarms may occur due to matching frequencies, because microwaves from each detector may cause interference with each other. But MX-40/50 greatly reduce interference to prevent false alarms.

Passive infrared technology :

Quad Zone Logic (Patent Listed)
The highly accurate and reliable detector pattern will maintain its sensitivity through the entire detection areas even in high temperature or low contrast environments. Quad Zone Logic creates an extremely high vertical zone density more then two or three times the size of conventional PIRs. These taller zones capture the entire body mass and enable detection of even the smallest temperature variance against the background with improvement to take into count of dead zone created by furniture or partitions.

Specification :

Description \ Model
Detection method
Passive Infrared and Microwave
12M X 12M (40ft. x 40ft.) 85° wide
15M X 15M (50ft. x 50ft.) 85° wide
Detection zones
78 zones (PIR)
Mounting height
1.5 – 2.4M (5 – 8ft.)
2.2 – 3.0M (7.5 – 10ft.)
2°C (3.6°F) at ).6M/Sec. (2ft./Sec.)
Detection speed
0.3 – 1.5M/Sec. (1 – 5ft./Sec.)
LED alarm indicator
Switchable ON/OFF
Alarm period
Approx 2.5 Sec.
Alarm output
N.C., 28V DC=0.2A max.
Temper switch
N.C., Open when cover is removed (N.C., 28V DC=0.1A max.)
Pulse count
Approx. 20 Sec. 2 or 4
Warm up period
Approx. 1 min.
Power input
9.5 – 16V DC
Current draw
18mA (max.) at 12V DC
20mA (max.) at 12V DC
110g (3.9oz.)
Operating temperature
-10°C- +55°C (14°F – 131°F)
Environmental humidity
95% max.
Microwave frequency
2.4Ghz (FCC, IC, ETS300 – 440 approval)
RF interference
No Alarm 20V / M

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