DG75 – Indoor PIR with Pet Immunity

DG75 is a indoor passive infrared motion detector that the infrared heat energy that is emitted by humans. Pet immunity function allow it to identify pet up to 40KG and will not falsely trigger alarm.


Installation Manual

How to use:



At the recommended installation height of 2 meter (7ft.) to 2.7 meter (9ft.) ±10%, Digigard 75 provided full coverage from 1.5 meter (5ft.) to 121 meter (35ft.)

Avoid placing the detector in close proximity to the following source of interference, reflective surface, direct air flow from vents, fans, windows, source of steam or oil vapor, infrared light source and objects causing temperature changes such as heaters, refrigerators and ovens.

Do not place objects or furniture higher then 0.9 meter (3ft.) which a pet can climb onto (e.g. a cat on a couch) at least 2.1 meter (7ft.) away from the detector. In addition, do not aim the detector at a stairway as a pet may have access.


Digigard 75
Sensor type
Dual optics (2 dual opposed element sensors)
Sensor geometry
Coverage -90°(standard)
11 meter x 11 meter (35ft. x 35ft.)
Pet immunity
Up to 40kg (90lbs)
Installation height
2 meter to 2.7 meter (7ft. to 9 ft.)
Operating temperature
-20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)
Voltage input
Typically 11-16V DC
Current consumption
15mA maximum
2nd generation Fresnel lens, LODIFF®, segments
EMI / RFI immunity
10V/m rejection from 10MHz. to 1GHz.
Alarm output
From A relay 100mA / 28V DC, N.C. or optional from C relay 5A / 28V DC, N.C./N.O.
Anti tamper switch
150mA / 28V DC, N.C.
Walk speed
0.2m/s to 3.5m/s (0.6ft./s to 11.5ft./s)
Anti tamper switch
150mA/28V DC, N.C.

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