CDUE133L is a dual-frequency card. UHF (Anti clone) and EM (125Khz) 0.84mm thickness. Printed wiegand number on card. Program card to the system is more easy with a printed number. It can be used for AR300U Xclone UHF mid-range reader or other UHF readers.

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Our Dual-Band UHF and EM Hybrid Cards are a cutting-edge technology that allows for improved and efficient access in a wide range of industries. With the ability to function at both UHF and EM readers, these cards offer an unparalleled level of versatility, reliability and performance. The dual-band feature also allows for seamless communication in challenging environments, such as factories or warehouse that using combination of MAG XClone and others EM Readers

Equipped with the latest UHF XClone technology, our cards offer a high level of security  making them a valuable asset in prevention of unauthorized access and card cloning. With the dual-band capabilities, EM technology, and high level of Security MAG XClone , our cards are the perfect solution for any industry looking to improve their total security solutions.

Note: Please take note that the printed card number may not in sequence.


IMPORTANT note: MAG proximity card support full WG34 consisting of 5 digit site code and 5 digit card code number to ensure no duplication. We do not accept returns due to card number duplication problem on legacy system that uses only 5 digit card code.

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Table CDUE133L

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