CDUS130L is anti interference UHF card. 0.84mm thickness. Printed wiegand number on card. Program card to system is more easy with printed number. Can be use for AR300U UHF mid range reader or other UHF reader.

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CDUS130L malaysia anti interference UHF card New

Note: Please take note that the printed card number may not in sequence.

Most standard UHF card requires you to hold the card at edge. This is to maximized antenna area to achieve maximum reading distance. If your fingers covered a small portion of the card surface, the reading range will drop a lot. Many users does not realize this correct way of holding UHF card and they are not able to enjoy the fullest reading range offered by UHF readers.

not convenient hand position to holding cards

MAG CDUS130L solves this problem with our advance anti-interference technology. The antenna coil is designed to compensate small inductance change and maintain reading range when our fingers convering the small surface on the card.

convenient hand position to holding card

IMPORTANT note: MAG proximity card support full WG34 consisting of 5 digit site code and 5 digit card code number to ensure no duplication. We do not accept returns due to card number duplication problem on legacy system that uses only 5 digit card code.

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