CM35010 – MAG IR Bullet 5MP HD Camera

CM35010 is an analog HD IR bullet CCTV camera using the latest CMOS imaging technology. Advance CMOS IR Cut filtering technique allowed vivid color up to 5 Megapixel HD resolutions during day view and minima noise during night view. CM35010 Infrared CCTV camera can be installed outdoor.

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You are looking for a reliable camera that can record evidence more clearly especially at night. You found many low-price cameras online but there is no way to verify if they cut costs by using a lower performance sensor, lower resolution lens or refurbished components that will affect the video quality.

Zoom in clearly at night
The most crime happened at night. Full 5MP high resolution, high-quality IR LED, lens and high-performance sensor and advanced video processor will still offer crispy clear video after zoom in 3 times bigger despite total darkness environment.

Perfect recording despite the low light
Pixel noise in a low light environment will distort badly after H.265 compression during video recording. You can turn on our 3D Noise reduction to eliminate the noise and ensure clear recording all day long.

DNR On off camera cctv

More is lesser
By installing the camera at a higher position, you can record a wider view that you can zoom in bigger without distortion during later playback from full 5MP DVR. This reduces the hassle to install more numbers of lower resolution cameras to get the same view. For example, one 5MP camera can be used to record 3 lanes instead of three 2MP cameras for each lane.

More is lesser2

Convenient of single screw
The final up, down, left and right positions can be locked with just a single screw to make installation easier.

Convenient of single screw

Maximum value for money

  • Longer life multi-angle IR LED
  • Extra separated dual-glasses to avoid IR flare blurring the images
  • Higher performance 24 units IR LEDs to achieve 20 meters at total darkness.
  • Faster automatic change from color to higher black contrast in dark environment
  • Better CDS sensor auto control during low Lux environment
  • ESD surge protection up to 5000 volt
  • Lower power consumption and lesser heat

We are not the cheapest
There is no point in buying the cheapest camera to save money when the recorded video is useless in helping identify the criminal. You can only catch what you can see.

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