CM35010 – MAG IR Bullet 5MP AHD Camera

CM35010 is Analog HD IR bullet CCTV camera using latest High performances ISP CMOS imaging technology. Advance CMOS IR Cut filtering technique allowed vivid colour up to 5.0 Megapixel HD resolutions during day view and minima noise during night view. CM35010 infrared CCTV camera can be installed outdoor.

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CM35010 is design to achieve super sharp night view with no pixel noise at all. Super sharp edges to help identify criminal face as clear as possible under low light condition. Multi angle IR LED design allow brightness to be evenly dsitributed during night view. This eliminated “spot light effect” where only the center is well illuminated and the 4 corner edge is too dark to recognize any potential threats. Excellent well balance contrast allowed crisp and clear black and white video.

Most of our DVR is using H.265 video compression to record video. H.265 compression performance is severely affected by pixel noise. Pixel noise will cause recorded video to be badly distorted after H.265 compression during recording. Therefore it is very important for CCTV camera to achieve no pixel noise at low light condition to avoid any distortion in recorded video.

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There is no point buying the cheapest camera to save money when recorded video is useless in helping identifying the criminal. Most crime happens during night time. Therefore it is important for the camera to be able to capture clear “usable” video during crime event at night. CM35010 is using High performance ISP CMOS sensor and high illumination IR Array LED to give you the best clarity night view at affordable price.

Feature highlights:

  • 3 IR array LED (IR distance 35 meters when IR on)
  • White metal casing, seperated dual-glasses
  • Full metal housing for more durability
  • Day & Night (Automatic from color to black)
  • Low power consumption
  • Long life multi angle IR Array LED


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