DBX100 is a vertical card collector dropbox typically installed beside a pedestrian gate with an access control reader for the visitor to check out their card on the way out of the building. The wide opening of DBX100 can accept thick cardholders with clips compared to others that can only accept thin proximity cards.

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Does your visitor feel troublesome that they need to queue up again just to return the access card before they can exit the building? More often they forgot about it and just go out with the access card. What if you can ensure all cards are collected back and make your visitor exit experience to be more convenient at the same time?

Auto-check out
You can install an access reader inside DBX100 and link it to Visitor Management Software. The visitor just needs to drop their visitor card into DBX100 and the card will automatically check out by the software after the reader confirmed a valid card to open the gate. Valid visitor cards will fall into the collection bin inside. The invalid card will fall out to the exit tray at the front.

malaysia dropbox visitor management system

Any cards are accepted
Most other can only accept thin proximity card (0.84 mm). DBX100 can accept a proximity card together with its holder and pin clip. DBX100 can accept the card with a maximum of 10 cm wide

malaysia dropbox visitors access proximity card

Easy maintenance
You can open up the top cover for maintenance purposes. The bottom door can be opened by key to take out the collection bin once it is full. Once the collection bin is full, all cards (valid/invalid) card will fall out to the exit tray. DBX100 will not accept any more cards until the collection bin is cleared. There is an indicator light to show operation status.

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Easier to accommodate project schedule

Unforeseen delay is common in most projects. You are worried about the extra storage/penalty cost if the gate arrives too early or too late. No more worry, MAG will keep stock for you. Just call us to collect the gate anytime when your site is ready. All gate is 100% QC tested as per our ISO9001 procedure just before your collection.

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Table SP1 – 5 + 1 ZONES SPECTRA SP5500
Description Parameter
Power supply


Power consumption Idle : AC 0.04A, DC 0.01A
Operation : AC 0.28A, DC 4.71-4.74A
Indicated light Blue : Power on
Greeb : Valid card
Red : Dropbox fully occupied