DBX100 is a dropbox type card collector. User can drop their visitor card into the dropbox to gain access for exit or entry. DBX100 can be integrated with any access control reader. DBX100 design is simplified to achieve highly affordable solution for ticketing and visitor management system.

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DBX100 can be used with visitor management software to achieve auto-visitor check out function. Visitor no longer need to go to the reception counter to return their visitor card. Visitor just needs to drop their visitor card into DBX100, the card will automatically check out this visitor in SE-VMS software record.

DBX 100 can accept proximity card with holder and pin clip. Valid visitor card will fall into collection bin inside. Invalid card will fall out to the exit tray at front.

malaysia dropbox visitor management system


  • DBX100 can accept card with maximum 10 cm wide

malaysia dropbox visitors access proximity card

  • Any brand access control reader can be installed inside the dropbox. Once reader verified a valid card, reader shall trigger dropbox to accept the card. Accepted card will fall into collection bin at bottom.
  • There is indication light to show operation status.

malaysia turnstile

  • Top cover can be opened by key for maintenance purposes.
  • Bottom door can be opened by key to take out collection bin once it is full. Once collection bin is full, all cards (valid/invalid) card will fall out to the exit tray. DBX100 will not accept any more cards until the collection bin is cleared.
  • DBX100 also can be used for ticketing application. Visitor can purchase entrance fees and be given a proximity card. Visitor drop the proximity card into dropbox to trigger gate to open. Operator collects all ticket (proximity card) back to ticket counter once the collection bin is full. Operator can reuse the proximity card again for next visitor.

Site Implementation:

malaysia card collector dropbox for visitor access control


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