DF1A is optical fingerprint door access control system with time attendance function. DF1A increase door access security by requiring fingerprint authentication. Fingerprint access reader design using optical sensor is more robust and less prone to damage by vandalism.

DF1A is ideal for offices, factory or any commercial building that require cost effective and reliable fingerprint access control solution.

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Silverblack Brochure
AR837E Specification

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How does fingerprint door access system work?

For entry, EM lock will release the door when reader verifies a valid fingerprint. LCD screen can be customized to display company name. LCD screen will also display employee name upon successful. For exit, user will just need to press push button. Additional fingerprint reader can be added as OUT reader is user desired further more security.

All event data will be sent to the PC via TCPIP or RS485 network. Access raw data can be exported out as text file for more advanced manipulation from third party time attendance software. This is a value added solution; user can have more security into their office and at the same time be able to monitor employee time attendance more accurately (no more buddy punching problem).

SoyalEtegra software connects to combination of DF1A, DF2A, DF3 and DF4 via TCPIP LAN network to achieve faster data transfer compared to RS485 network. SoyalEtegra fingerprint access control software allow user to do hardware settings, door security access permission, time attendance calculation and reporting. SoyalEtegra stored all fingerprint templates in database and allow easy transfer to any fingerprint door access reader desired.

SoyalEtegra also able to communicate with fingerprint reader installed in remote location via internet connection. This allowed multi branch application where fingerprint door access from every branch is connected back to HQ for monitoring and time attendance reporting.

What is the benefit of fingerprint door access system?

  • No more buddy punching as fingerprint can uniquely identify each person
  • Save time and no error – software automated time attendance calculation
  • Save cost – no need to stock up punch cards
  • All clocking time is stored in database – easy for search & review
  • Easy integration with 3rd party time attendance or payroll software
  • Higher accuracy – reader clock are automatically synchronized to PC clock
  • Support collecting clocking data from multiple branches through Internet
  • Flexible shift that support overnight clocking
  • Attendance report can review work time, overtime, late, early and long lunch and help improve employee punctuality.
  • Connects direct to PC via TCPIP or RS485 network

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