DR2 is a card access package typically installed at door to restrict unauthorized access. It reads EM proximity card or PIN. It supports an RS485 connection, 1024 users and 1200 event memory. It has a built-in button keypad.

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DR2 is standalone door access that does not need any software. The keypad allows a more convenient setting and an extra option to access by PIN. It can be used in a small office that has a limited budget.

More secure
AR721H uses a patented anti-vibration relay design that prevents intruders to open your door by just knocking hard onto the reader.

How does the standalone RFID door access control system work?
Green LED will blink with one beep sound to indicate successful reading. Red LED will blink with two beep sound to indicate invalid reading. Card numbers are programmed into the reader via a keypad. For future maintenance, it is recommended to keep a hard copy list of the user number, name and card number programmed into the reader.

How does the standalone RFID door access control system work2

Software ready
For ease of maintenance, it is recommended to add software so that all user profiles can be stored on a PC. The software allows easy add/edit/delete of user profile.

Site Implementation:

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Ordering info:

** Additional EM Lock mounting brackets might be needed depending on the types of door.

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