DR2 is a standalone low budget card simple access control system. Card access reader design is simplified to provide cost-effective card access security function. Simple access control system RFID reader has a keypad and stylish modern design that look good in any office decor. DR2 support card and pin number for door access. DR2 is ideal for small offices that require simple card access control solution.

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How does standalone card simple access control system work?

Simple Access Control System
Green LED will blink with one beep sound to indicate successful reading. Red LED will blink with two beep sound to indicate invalid reading. Card numbers are programmed into the reader via a keypad. For future maintenance, it is recommended to keep a hard copy list of the user number, name and card number programmed into the reader. For ease of maintenance, it is recommended to add software so that all user profile can be stored on PC. The software allows easy add/edit/delete of user profile.

What is the benefit of standalone card access system?

  • Simple and straight forward usage – No need PC
  • Low cost

Ordering info:

** Additional EM Lock mounting brackets might be needed depending on the types of door.

Optional accessories to add on:

  • Add break glass or key switch to manually release lock in case of emergency
  • Add magnetic contact for simple alarm functions and door open too long warning
  • Add a AR721U or AR721K Wiegand reader to DR2 for local anti-passback function
  • Add AR321CM to link to PC
  • Add KOCOM intercom to speak to your visitors before letting them in

Upgrade ideas:

  • Upgrade EM Lock to LCJ dropbolt to allow 2 way swing of your beautiful glass door
  • Upgrade DR2 to AR727HV3 with LCD screen for better appearance
  • Upgrade power adapter to NVS1230P_set for backup power supply during power failure