FLB140 series slim design and enhanced premium hair line polish can elevate the prestige elegant impression while still effectively restricting unauthorized visitors from your entrance. FLB140 series is optimized to achieve the best balance of quality, performance and affordability.

MAG Pedesterian Gate
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Beautiful things attract people’s attention and next thing you know, it became a word-of-mouth. FLB140 is designed not only to guard your building entrance but also to impress. The design looks posh and stylish that help to increase the worth and perceive value of your building which will then you can easily attract more tenants. It is also a plus point for your tenants to feel proud holding a meeting in such ambience. “European imports”, anyone would fall for this.

Ready stock at anytime
It is difficult to manage the overseas import schedule due to common unforeseen delay in project. Ordering or receiving the items early or late will both cause you trouble. You will need a place to store them hence more capital is needed. Receiving them late will affect the ongoing project. Why go through such hassle when you can get same high performance pedestrian gate within your timeline project?

Minimize the downtime
Other than the full set stock is ready at anytime, spare part is the next important thing to look into. Damages or accidents are bound to happen. You just have to fix, get it up and running in the shortest time possible. So, waiting 2-3 months for the spare part to arrive from overseas is a big NO. We make sure that this will not happen to our clients. Your security is our priority.

Well trained support team
Good after sales service is what we are trying to instil to our clients. We walk our talk. Our team is individually well trained (theoretically & technically) to provide you with the best support and solution.

We are ready locally & internationally (through overseas dealer) in ensuring your peace of mind.

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FLB141 Single Side, FLB142 Dual Side