The MG-REM2 is a water-resistant 5-button remote control that provides the user with the status of their system by pressing the [ i ] button. The remote control provides both auditory and visual feedback in an attractive streamlined style. Built in transceiver. Display system status using visual (LED) and auditory feedback. Able to receive system status by pressing status button. Perform up to 6 different actions.

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  • Supports StayD (Version 2.0 or higher)
  • System Status Memory: The REM2 will keep the last system status received from the control panel in memory. Momentarily press the Info button to display the last system status–even when out of range.
  • Used to confirm the last action you did on the system while away from the system.
  • Built-in transceiver (433MHz or 868MHz)
  • Displays system status using visual (LED) and auditory feedback
  • Press the Status button at any time to receive the system status
  • Perform up to 6 different actions per remote control
  • Compact, water-resistant design with backlight for buttons
  • Wireless range in a typical residential environment:
    – 30m (100ft) with MG6160 / MG6130 / MG6250
    – 45m (150ft) with MG5000 / MG5050 / RTX3

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