NV37M is alarm motion detector based on Passive Infrared Detector – PIR in Malaysia. It detects movements of object within passive infrared. Dual element PIR sensor allows more sensitive motion detection.

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NV37M installation drawing


The NV37M provides a superior outdoor and indoor solution for windows and sliding doors. The detector is optimized to discriminate false alarms triggered by small birds, cats and dogs.

NV37M can support 2 operation modes:

  • Pet immunity mode protection is provided for outdoor windows and sliding doors measuring up to 7.5m x 2m (25ft x 7ft).
  • Sharp mode protection with enhanced detection for indoor windows and sliding doors up to 10m x 2m (33ft x 7ft). (For indoor applications, pet immunity can be optionally switched off to provide sharp mode)

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Table NV37M
Description NV37M
Sensor type Dual element PIR sensor
Detection range • PET Immunity mode: 7.5m x 2m (25ft x 7ft)
• Sharp mode: 10m x 2m (33ft x 7ft)
Coverage 0.5m at 5m (1.6ft at 16ft) flat curtain
Pet immunity Pet size approximately 50cm
Anti-mask Active IR detection for blocking items 30cm and sprayed liqiud
Operating temperature -40ºc to +70ºc
Power input 9 to 16 VDC, 19.2mA Maximum
Compability EVO, Spectra and Magellan systems
IP rating IP54
Size 12.3cm x 6.1cm x 4.3cm (4.8inch x 2.4inch x 1.7inch)