GULLIVER 2500 is the automation for non-industrial & industrial sliding gates up to 2500 kg, where an intensive duty is required. The sturdiness and the choice of the details are guarantees of reliability in time. Thanks to the mechanical or electronic clutch, the safety is assured.

The control board is integrated with the case, making so still easier the already quick installation of Gulliver 2500. A clear choice for imported quality and great performance.

Industrial factory with large and heavy gate.

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Automatic Industrial Sliding Gate Feature:

  • Silent
  • Greased soaked motor
  • 230V AC powered
  • Integrated limit switch
  • A simple unlocking system by key
  • Mechanical clutch with Anti-crushing safety
  • Superior performance fine tune to yield motor maximum performance
  • Coded remote control allow 30 to 50-meter transmission
  • Electromechanical break for more immediate stop
  • Designed for heavy duty

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Ordering info:

SLDEA2500 Sliding Gate
Quantity Equipment
1 nos DEA2500 AC sliding motor (c/w limit switch stopper & manual release key)
1 set Panel set included
- 1 nos PVC Box
- 1nos MAG ML121 panel
1 set Remote control (3transmitter, 1receiver)
4 nos Gear rack (1 meter length)