SWB_RL is a stainless steel railing add-on for the SWB103 swing barrier. This modular design concept makes it easier for transportation, installation and integration with other external devices.

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You are worried that the SWB103 swing barrier might accidentally hit wheelchair users. What if you can still achieve safety auto-reverse and auto-close function like those high-speed swing barriers while still maintain the widest opening at a lower cost?

Safety is priority
There are 6 pairs of the sensor to ensure the door panel will not close until the user completely passes through the lane. The sensor will also trigger the door panel to auto-reverse if detected any obstacle while the door is closing.

swb rl diagram01

Minimalistic is the new trend
You can install an access reader underneath the acyclic to maintain hidden. Together with framed skeletal form factor the whole design further enhances the modern minimalistic concept that can easily blend into any building interior design.

stainless steel railing for handicapped

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Site implementation:

swb rl