TTS470 motorized tripod turnstile is a type of pedestrian gate typically installed at the entrance of a mass public site with an access control reader to restrict unauthorized access while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere. No luggage will be allowed to pass through. TTS470 offer the best anti-tailgating with least maintenance among all pedestrian gate.

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You are worried the arm or mechanism can be damaged by rough usage if a turnstile is installed in an unattended public area. You are looking for a turnstile that is tough and requires minimum maintenance due to the long traveling distance to each site. What if you can well manage all these concerns for your next nationwide mass public project?

More robust to last longer
A more advanced clutch control system protects the mechanism from being damaged by rough usage and force pass-through attempts. A Brushless DC motor eliminates the need of changing carbon brush and mechanical wear thus reducing maintenance work. All internal gear and mechanisms are extra hardened to cater to high traffic flow applications.

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More extensive integration interface
Dry contact output feedback signal is available to indicate completion of rotation of a single user. Turnstile can be manually triggered to drop arm free rotation. All these input or output interfaces make it easy to integrate with an external system such as an embedded PC for advanced ticketing or access control.

No more follow me through
Motorized anti-tailgating ensures the arm will automatically lock back after each pass to avoid a second person following from back.

Safety first
During a power failure, the arm will drop down automatically to allow free pass-through. The arm can resume come up by itself upon power resume. In the event of an emergency such as a fire alarm, the arm can be manually triggered for free turning permanently to allow fast evacuation.

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Site implementation:

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Table SP1 – 5 + 1 ZONES SPECTRA SP5500
Description Parameter
Power supply 220V ± 10%AC 50/60Hz
Power consumption Idle 16W, Operating DC24V
Roating speed of the motor 800 round/min
Pass speed 20-30 person per minute