MAG TTS470 is a fully automatic tripod turnstile that is design for heavy traffic or public mass transportation such as bus or train station. TTS470 is using high duty cycle servo motor and robust mechanical gear system to cater continuous non-stop pedestrian traffic during peak hours.

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MAG TTS470 is equiped with more advance control system to accommodate rough usage and force pass through attempts. TTS470 is an innovative pedestrian control technology that designed to achieve best balance of quality performance and affordability.

MAG TTS470 is ideal indoor solution for game park, bus station, train station, stadium or any site with high traffic flow. TTS470 is an innovative pedestrian control technology that designed o achieve best balance quality, performance and affordability.

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  • Used brushless DC motor eliminate the need of changing carbon brush thus reducing maintenance work. Key internal parts is treated with anti-rust and anti-septic to ensure long term reliability.
  • All internal gear and mechanism is extra harden to cater for application with high traffic flow. Arm support buffer rotation to protect motor from being damaged during vandalism attempt to turn the arm by force.
  • Dry contact output feedback signal is available to indicate completion of rotation of single user. Turnstile can be manually triggered to drop arm or free rotation. separate dry contact input is available to trigger turnstile to open from LEFT or RIGHT. All these input or output interface make it easy to integrate with external system such as ticketing or access control.
  • Arm will automatic look back after each passes to avoid second person following from back.
  • During power failure, arm will drop down automatically to allow free pass through. in event or emergency such as fire alarm, arm can be manually triggered for free turning permanently to allow fast evacuation.

Site Implementation:

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