TTS721 semi auto stainless steel full-height turnstile can achieve maximum access security control. Users are not able to crawl underneath or climb over to gain unauthorized access into premise.

MAG Pedesterian Gate
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There is nothing to stop people from jumping over or crawling under pedestrian gate unless you know that you have the RIGHT gate for your premise. With the height of 2300mm tall, no users are able to climb over or crawl under our full height turnstile. Hence, tighten the security of your premise entrance.

Compact yet powerful entrance
Our full height turnstile is designed not just for the factory, but also for buildings or any type of entrance that requires maximum security. The single lane allows it to fit into narrow spaces for example at the side of a guard house. Instead of having your tenants walking by barrier gate which will harm them from getting hit by the barrier or even cars, MAG full height turnstile is the solution. Besides, your tenant will feel safer knowing that their building is well secured.

Effective control single pass
Engineered with SLAR (single level anti-reverse) lock to prevent the arm from being manually rotated backward after the authorized person passed through. Such event might happened when there’s intruder nearby is on standby to hold the arm before it is relocked back which will give them the unauthorized access hence risking the tenant in the premise.

Don’t risk your tenant
At MAG, we make sure to have all of our pedestrian gates’ full spare part ready and available locally for your convenience. Unlike other overseas brand where you have to wait for weeks or months just for a spare parts to be imported in order to fix your broken gate. Get it fixed faster to avoid security threats.

Well trained support team
Good after sales service is what we are trying to instil to our clients. We walk our talk. Our team is individually well trained (theoretically & technically) to provide you with the best support and solution.

We are ready locally & internationally (through overseas dealer) in ensuring your peace of mind.