VXI-ST is an outdoor PIR motion sensor with adjustable detection range. Dual infrared beam allow us to confine detection area and reduce false alarm caused by other external heat source

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1) VXI-ST Series utilises Multiple Detection Pattern Technology – two double-layered detection patterns (UPPER AND LOWER ) both have to be activated to generate an alarm condition. This reduces false alarms, particularly those caused by temperature changes light reflection and small animals.This PIR concept protects a building’s exterior by detecting intruders before an entry is attempted. In addition to signalling an alarm system, VX-IST can create an audible local alarm sound to deter intruders before a break-in occurs.

VXI-ST cover 12m(40ft) by 90 degree flexible detection pattern adjustable to 5 ranges.


2) Digital Double Layer Detection
Both an upper and a lower detection areas must simultaneously be crossed to generate an alarm. The detection are independently analyzed so that a misleading coincidence of events can be filtered our. This technology virtually eliminates detection of smaller animals in the premises.

3) SMDA Logic ( Super Multidimensional Analysis )
All VXI models are equipped with a digitally enhanced signal recognition logic called SMDA. SMDA improved immunity against various noise factors such as eliminate changes and vegetation sways. VXIs expand applicable and reliability beyond what VX-402 was capable.


) Easy masking for over spill prevention.

5) Double conductive shielding againts bright light disturbance.


After lens angle adjustment, the final reading range achieved at actual site depends on temperature of enviroment. VX-IST detects temperature differences between moving target and background temperature. During hot afternoon sun, human body temperature has very small different to environment temperature. It is more difficult for VX-IST to tell the difference of temperature therefore the reading range will become shorter. In late evening, human body temperature have bigger different compared to environment temperature therefore the reading range will become longer.

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