Wing303 is an electro-mechanical system to automate the opening/closing of the swing or folding gate. It is designed to allow quiet opening/closing with a more robust mechanism. It can support gates up to 250 kg per leaf.

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Are you looking for an extra durable system for your gate? You have searched many European brand’s but the price tag is way out of your budget. You looked for the lower cost “no-brand” suppliers but you are not confident about their product quality and backup service. Buying an autogate system suddenly does not seem as easy as it looks.

How to pay lesser and still get extra durable?
We eliminate unnecessary features and design the internal mechanism to be more robust without sacrificing the material quality level to achieve the perfect balance of affordability and reliability.

What makes us different?
WG303 uses proprietary metal composition formula to achieve the right elasticity and hardness. This will make the gear quiet, more robust and not easily damage even though hit by a car.

WG303 unique gear one-step-back-design avoids the motor being jammed in the maximum closed position so that you can easily manually dismount the gate during power failure.


Work seamlessly
Gate design is optimized to open faster while staying quiet that you don’t even realize the gate is opening. Our backup battery system ensures at least 50 times opening during power failure. No more big motor at the pillar.


The swing arm motor is installed seamlessly at the bottom of the gate.


Why do you need dual speed?
Our dual speed controller slows downs the gate toward the end to reduce momentum, mechanical wear and thus reducing the maintenance cost.

Stay safe all the time
The gate is automatically locked upon fully closed to save you the hassle of additional lock. No more worry that you forgot to lock the gate when going out. The gate will self-lock at every angle to ensure maximum security. Gate will stop immediately when hit an obstacle.

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Fix your gate faster
We understand how inconvenient it is to get out of your car during rainy days when the autogate is down. MAG offers full spare parts locally to ensure your gate is up and running in the shortest time possible.

Wing303 Spare Part

Site implementation:

SR WG303 S1T1

Start enjoying the benefit of faster autogate while still staying within your limited budget from MAG automation technology today. Click here to contact us now for more information.

If you are not ready to buy now, click here to learn about the 4 common problems of autogate system to help you make a wise choice.

Ordering info:

Table SP1 – 5 + 1 ZONES SPECTRA SP5500
Quantity Equipment
1 pair WG303 standard DC motor (c/w stopper mounting bracket)
1 set Panel set included
- 1 nos PVC box
- 1 nos MAG MW121 panel
- 1 nos Transformer 3 amp
1 set Remote control (3transmitter, 1receiver)
1 nos 12V, 7aH battery