SWB300 – MAG Swing Barrier

SWB300 is designed to be slimmest of all pedestrian gate. Slim form factor save space and allow you to put more gates to digest higher traffic. Stylish design to elevate premium atmosphere of any building lobby. High speed motor is used to achieve faster pass through rate.


MAG Pedesterian Gate
MAG Intro Video

SWB300 offer wide and full clearance opening to allow pedestrian with luggage to pass through with comfort. Access reader can be installed underneath top black acrylic. SWB300 offer wide and full clearance opening to allow pedestrian with luggage to pass through with comfort.

The body is made from transparent acrylic. Slim form factor, transparent body and premium stainless steel hair line finish effectively help create a welcoming and elegant prestigious atmosphere at building entrance to impress your visitors. Curved edge avoids children accident injury.


    • Uses brushless DC motor eliminate the need of changing carbon brush thus reducing maintenance work. Key internal parts is treated with anti-rust and anti-septic to ensure long term reliability.

    • High performance IR sensor is used to detect illegal passing attempt to ensure security at front gate.

    • Multiple access memory allow more than 1 person flashed card , gate will count more than 1 person to pass through before close the door.

    • Door will automatically reverse once safety IR detected obstacle or when a small force is detected blocking its motion. This dual detection feature is to prevent injury caused by door hitting people.

    • Built in Automatic Safety Clutch (ASC) technology that sense brute force and momentary disengage drive system when someone kick the door by force as vandalism attempt. This protects the motor and gearbox from being damage by the brute force. Doors will automatically realign themselves upon flashing a valid card.

    • During power failure, door panel will open automatically to allow free pass through. In the event of emergency such as fire alarm, swing barrier can be manually trigger to open permanently to allow fast evacuation.


Cabinet dimension
1400mm(L) X 1000mm(W) x 1000mm (H)
Body material
Acrylic glass, SS304 stainless steel 1.5mm
Door width
25 cm standard lane, 60 cm handicapped lane
Door opening / closing speed
Programmable 0.4 to 1.5 sec
Optimal flow rate
20 to 25 people per minute
Power supply
AC220/110V±10%, 50/60Hz
DC Brushless Motor, 140W/24V
Input Connection
Dry contact pulse > 500ms
Working environment
Indoor only
Working temperature
-15℃ – 60℃
Relative humidity
≤ 90%

Site Installation:

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