TTS713 – MAG Economical Full Height Turnstile

TTS713 is semi-auto stainless steel full-height turnstile gate can achieve maximum access security control. Users are not able to crawl underneath or climb over to gain unauthorized access to the premise.


MAG Pedesterian Gate
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TTS713 is built with high-quality material to withstand outdoor usage for years to come. Full height turnstile gate can effectively control single pass through each time. TTS713 semi-auto turnstile operation is based on solenoid lock that allows blocking rotation direction.


  • The housing is made of high-quality stainless steel, and all the internal parts are with antitrust and antiseptic treatment to achieve a high level of durability.

  • Turnstile can be configured to be bi-directional or uni-directional.

  • Easy integration with any third party access control or ticketing via the dry contact interface. TTS713 will unlock and allow arm rotation upon receiving valid dry contact from electronic access system.

  • When the arm is locked, it will be able to sustain resistant force 70kg to restrain from the unauthorized force open attempt.

  • Anti-tailgating. Smart lock mechanism uses the limit switch to detect rotation and effectively re-lock back after the arm has been rotated more than half. Therefore the current user can only finish the rotation to pass through or reverse the rotation to exit. Either way, it will not allow the second person to pass through again.

  • During the power failure, the system will unlock the arms. The user can manually push the arms for free passage. This allows convenient evacuation of people inside the premise.

  • Memory function. Memory will record the sequence of passing (same or opposite direction). The passing request will be executed according to the sequence recorded.

Site Implementation:




Power supply
AAC 220V
Power consumption
Idle 16W
Operating 38W
Rotating speed of the motor
800 round/min
Pass speed
20 ~ 30 people per min

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