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There are many barrier gates brands which you can find in the market. You can get a high-quality barrier gate at a higher price or you can get low budget barrier gates at cheaply in the market.

The most expensive barrier gate might have too many features that you might not need. For example, a high-end barrier gate which supports heavy duty use such as at toll plazas. But for normal residential condominiums, apartments, commercial buildings and industrial factories, it may not be necessary to have heavy duty barrier gates. In addition, bear in mind that barrier gates are just like cars which need maintenance. So, high priced spare parts and availability are key factors you will need to consider.

Barrier gate value for money

The cheapest barrier gates might pose quality and after sales issues. The supplier may use lesser quality materials to lower down their costs so that they can offer cheaper selling price to attract buyers. But these low-quality barrier gates commonly have higher problem rates. In addition, spare parts availability is hard to get from suppliers.

MAG barrier gates are designed to achieve the right balance of quality and affordability. Their design philosophy is for users to pay for what is needed thus making their barrier gates more affordable and budget friendly, while still complying to site requirements.

A lot of improvements have been done to upgrade MAG’s barrier gate performance to bring more “value-for-money” to users.

1. MAG BR600T barrier gate design looks good.

Modern Gray concept effectively increases premium prestigious impression of guard house entrance.

Malaysia gray barrier gate outlook

2. MAG BR600T barrier gate uses the latest technology in gate automation.

i) BlueSpeed Motor uses lowest possible rotation speed (RPM) with proprietary force rotation ratio technology to achieve high speed opening. This reduces mechanical wear and effectively eliminates any maintenance servicing on the motor.

ii) DSP Dual Spring mechanism to achieve two times smoother arm motion. A combination of different tension forces reduce vibration as the arm stop. The well-balanced arm weight reduces the possibility of broken springs thus reducing down time.

iii) DDS (Dual Detection Safety) to achieve double safety. Innovative design monitors current spike and motor rotation simultaneously to auto-reverse arm if blocked by an obstacle. This is an important safety feature to prevent further damage in the event of the arm hitting a car or pedestrian.

iv) Improved air ventilation fan design located at the top instead of sideways. This allowes cool air to enter from the bottom and exit at the top to achieve more efficient cooling, thus enabling the BR600T series to support higher flow of traffic

v) Improved NLSV2 design using magnet sensor instead of optical sensor. Optical sensors are subjected to interference from ambient light levels. New NLS design removes all blind spot area to achieve a perfect opening and closing consistently.

malaysia barrier parking gate system

3. MAG BR600T barrier gate offer full spare part and repairing service locally.

There are many low cost or premium European barrier gate brands in the market that require spare parts to be ordered on demand from overseas which will sometimes take 2 to 3 months.

Availability of spare part and local service support is a very important factor to consider when choosing your barrier gates. MAG offers full spare parts and repairing services locally to ensure barrier gates are up and running in the shortest time possible.

MAG is your wise choice for vehicle barrier gate.