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Do you know there is a security loop hole inside common turnstile in the market? After a single user flash card, arm can be push forward and reverse freely to allow multiple users to pass through turnstile without flashing card. This creates a big security flaw at turnstile gate entrance.

The purpose of installing turnstile is to ensure only 1 person can pass through after each user flash card. This is important to ensure only authorized person can enter the building and access control system correctly capture the user access events. This loop hole has defeated the purpose of installing a turnstile at entrance.

MAG Tripod turnstile (TTS351L and TTS311) can minimize this problem with our DLAR technology and SPT alarm. DLAR is a Dual Level Anti-Reverse locking mechanism that prevents the arm to be reversed. The arm cannot be reversed upon reaching 15 deg and 30 deg of rotation. The only way is to rotate forward and pass through completely. DLAR ensure only 1 person can pass through at a time. SPT alarm is a Single Pass Timer alarm that will be triggered once exceeded certain time limit.

Following are Dual level anti- reverse (DLAR) lock and SPT alarm feature in MAG tripod turnstile.


1st Level Lock First level anti-reverse lock at 15 degree. User is not able to rotate arm in reverse direction. User can only move forward.

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2nd Level Lock Second level anti- reverse lock at 30 degree. After user pushed the arm forward to passing through , user is not allowed to reverse the arm direction to allow unauthorized user to pass through . User can only move forward and complete the rotation to passing through to the other side.

2 1

Single Pass Timer will force user to pass through the turnstile within the time limit so that they do not have extra time to attempt cheating the turnstile.

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An effective security system should start at the entrance because this is the first point of contact for anyone who wishes to enter a building. Even the best access control system will not be able to secure the building effectively if the turnstile gate failed to ensure only 1 person can pass through at a time.

MAG tripod turnstile with DLAR technology and SPT alarm is more secure than other competitor turnstile. MAG tripod turnstile is designed to secure your entrance effectively at affordable price with available spare parts and good after sales technical service. Choosing the correct entrance security system is the most important step to securing your building. Let MAG be your first step in security.