SoyalEtegra CCTV picture capture

With rising security threat nowadays,access control alone is sometimes not sufficient to provide the necessary protection. SoyalEtegra SEACS software has integrated CCTV surveillance into existing access control function to improve the effectiveness of the security protection. The following are 3 examples how a CCTV integration with SoyalEtegra SE-ACS access control function can benefit users:

1 Example 1 : In/ Out monitoring (IOM) increases effectiveness of parking access.

It is very common to see two monitors at a security desk. One monitor showing continuous flow of cars passing through in 4 channel live-view-video from a DVR. The other monitor showing access control events log as hundreds of users pass through. It is impossible for the average security guard to identify any potential security threat by just staring at these two monitors.


IOM captures a CCTV snap shot every time a user flashes their badge card.Picture of user profile, current badging and previous badging are displayed on the same screen for the operator to easily verify their identity. Security guards can now see more information on a single screen to help them do a better job.The guards can compare the same car that went in and out. They can also verify the driver’s identity from the picture and user profile information. Now, security guards can work hand-in-hand with technology to provide a more effective protection for your building.

2 Example 2 : In/ Out monitoring (IOM) reduces time attendance buddy punching.

Using fingerprint readers for time attendance in factories which involve labouring or rough work (e.g. manufacturing or construction) might be challenging due to the wearing down of workers’ fingerprints. It will lead to a long queue every morning as workers struggle to get their fingerprints scanned by the reader.Switching to using cards or badges solves the issue but creates a new problem – buddy punching.

soyaletegra-in out-monitoring

The solution is to install a turnstile, Soyalcard reader, SE-ACS software, CCTV camera and an LCD screen. When workers scan their cards at the turnstile, IOM will display snap shot images on the screen beside the turnstile. The workers would consciously know that their pictures are being kept in the system as visual evidence and will not badge in or out fellow workers. They dare not cheat the system because of the awareness that if caught, visual evidence can be used against them.

All visitors entering the building via the turnstile will also be recorded by the SE-ACS software for future reference.Therefore, visitors and workers are both monitored for security purposes. IOM is a great tool to enhance security effectiveness and time attendance accuracy.

3 Example 3 : Door commander (DC) expedite alarm response time.

When SE-ACS software reports ‘Door Open Too Long’ or ‘Force Open’ alarm events, the security guard traditionally will first need to find out which camera channel on the DVR is recording that door. The guard then needs to search video playback based on the alarm event appearing in the access log. The tedious task is to search between access logs and DVR playbacks, which slows down response time. A burglar could have left the scene before the guard can arrive.


DC links CCTV live view and playback for each door. Guards just need to select a door and click live view or playback.They can view the situation more efficiently and respond to alarm situations faster. They can also lock/ unlock or arm/disarm the door remotely from the DC.

Effective security is made simpler with SoyalEtegra.

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