BR618T is a type of barrier gate typically installed at the entrance with an access control reader to restrict unauthorized vehicle access. It supports a 4m telescopic arm with a swing-out function. BR618T with a 1.8-sec opening/closing speed is the fastest among all our barrier gates for high traffic.


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What if you no longer need to waste precious time waiting in a long queue to enter the barrier gate car lane during peak hours? You have searched many European brand’s high-speed gates but the price tag is way out of your budget. You looked for a lower-cost alternative from other “no-brand” suppliers but you are not confident about their product quality and backup service. Buying a barrier gate suddenly does not seem as easy as it looks.

Affordable high speed
BR618T’s high-speed 1.8-sec engine is optimized to be very affordable for a site that requires high traffic flow. More cars can pass through at a faster rate to effectively reduce congestion during peak hours.

Make your guardhouse looks better
BR618T modern grey concept effectively increases the premium prestigious impression of guardhouse barrier entrance.

What makes us different?
Following are some technology highlights for BR618T.

malaysia barrier parking gate system

How to pay lesser and still get good quality?
We do not want to design the best barrier gate in the world that is a too high cost to buy. We do not want to design a super low-cost barrier gate that always breaks down and requires high maintenance. BR618T design has always been “good enough” for target high traffic residential, commercial and industrial applications. Well-balanced performance, stability and affordability to fit into your limited budget.

Lower cost to replace an arm
It is a common arm broken after hit by a car. A 4m arm is too long and against JPJ government on the road regulation to be transported with a normal car or van. Our telescopic arm can be retracted shorter to fit into a normal car or van. This helps you save money and hassle to rent an expensive big truck just to transport 1 replacement arm.

barrier boom gate telescopic

Up and running most of the time
The intruder might take advantage of the security loophole when the gate is down for a long time. MAG authorized dealers can leverage our wealth of experience in our support team, online knowledge base and warranty service to ensure any technical issue can be resolved faster. No more worries about language problems with an overseas supplier.

Fix your damaged gate faster
During a malfunction, your site will be exposed to security threats if you have to wait a long time for spare parts to arrive from overseas. MAG offers full spare parts and repairing service locally at an affordable price to ensure your gate can resume operation in the shortest time possible.

barrier gate spare parts 1

Maximize the full benefit of your investment
Mix and match different brands might sacrifice certain functions due to incompatibility. Contacting different suppliers will slow down troubleshooting time. MAG offers a complete solution of the gate, access control, CCTV and integrated security software so that you can enjoy full features with faster technical support from us as a single supplier through our authorized dealers.

Enjoy the feeling of making the right decision
About 20,000 MAG barrier gate has been successfully installed all over Malaysia and oversea country. MAG barrier gate proven quality with affordable price is well accepted by happy customers worldwide.

Site implementation:

barrier gate 1

Start enjoy a seamless faster pass-through for your high user building at an affordable price with rock-solid after-sales service today. Click here to contact us now for more information.

If you are not ready to buy now, click here to learn about the 4 common problems of barrier gate system with long range RFID to help you make a wise choice.


Table SP1 – 5 + 1 ZONES SPECTRA SP5500
Description Parameter
Mechanical temperature -40°C to 75°C
Electrical temperature -10°C to 75°C
Power supply input 220V ± 10% AC, 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption 80 watt - 1.25A @ 240V
Relative humidity <90%
Arm speed 1.8, 3, 6 second
Internal lubrication Grease

Ordering info:

Table SP1 – 5 + 1 ZONES SPECTRA SP5500
Quantity Equipment
1nos BR618T, AC230 barrier motor (c/w panel, wall plug screw, u-bracket for base mounting)
1nos 4 meter telescopic arm
1nos MAG BRD05 loop detector
2nos 2 meter foam lining

Click here to choose the parking access solution that lower the barrier gate price when purchasing as a package.

Optional accessories to add on:

  • Upgrade BRD05 loop detector to BRD02 DualRay traffic detector to eliminate cutting loop coil on floor.
  • Upgrade telescopic arm to LED straight arm to minimize arm hit by vehicle at night.
  • Add C-240AC to protect AC230 power input inside barrier gate.
  • Add BR_PB2 double push button for UP and DOWN manual control.
  • Add BR_PB3 tripple push button for UP, DOWN and STOp manual control.
  • Add BR_SB_MAG super light weight signboard to indicate VISITOR / STOP / RESIDENT lane.
  • Add TFL100 MAG mini traffic light to indicate pass through status.

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